Bored of facebook or something went wrong in your social account or you just want to get rid of your account to take a break?? Solution to all of your probelms is here. You can couple of things to give some time to people around you by following one the couple of methods describes below.

Delete Facebook Account

1. Make sure you are login with the Account you want to delete.

2. After this Click Here

3. Choose Delete Account.

4. Enter your Account Password.

5. Choose the specified images(this step can differ region to region).

6. Click Ok.

Your account will be de-activated for 14 days and will be deleted within this time period. If you login to your account during this process your request to delete the account will be canceled.

De-Activate Facebook Account

1. Login to your Account.

2. Go to settings.

3. Choose Security Tab.

4. Edit the last option there of De-Activate Your Account.

4. Click on De-activate Your Account.

5. Enter your Password and continue.

How to Delete Facebook Account

6. Select a reason for Leaving Facebook.

7. Choose all the options according to your choice.

8. Click on Deactivate.

Your account will be de-activated until you login again.

Delete or De-Activate

Now the question is what to do?

If you de-activate it then:

1. You can re-activate it any time you want.

2. Your Account information will remain stored.

3. People can't search, tag or see your timeline.

4. Your messages will be visible to the friends whom with you have conversation in the past.

If you Delete your account then:

1. You can cancel your request by login in to your account within 14 days.

2. You can't access it after deletion.

3. It takes up-to 90 days to delete you all info stored in backup files.

4. Messages won't be deleted from your friend's conversation.

5. Your log files remain in the database for lifetime but people can't access it.

Now the choice is your's. You can decide what to do on the basis of points mentioned above.


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