Ever since the increase in stole and lost reports the mobile phone companies are taking serious actions to control you phone remotely not completely but to a certain point for your safety. Different platforms will have different techniques but eventually there are some features that can be found common among them. Some popular smartphone platforms are discussed below.

Track Android Phones

1. Download Android Device Manager by Google Inc on another android device.

2. Login into this app using the same Google ID you used to set your stolen/lost android device.

3. After successful login this app will show you the last recorded location of your device on map.

It also gives you following features:
Erase the data of your Device.
Ring on your Device.
Lock your Device.

Track Windows Phones

For these phones you don't need to have another device with the same platform.

1. Just go to Windows Phone Website

2. Search for an option Find My Phone

3. Put your account details that you were using with your lost/stolen phone.

Track a Cell Phone..find my phone..track phone..track my phone..locate my phone...

4. This will show the location on the map if it is tracked.

You will also get the three options to choose the best one for you i.e. Erase,Ring or Lock your device.

Track iPhone 4s/5/5s/6/6s/6SE

1. Go to iCloud Website

2. Login with the details of account you used on your stolen/lost iPhone.

3. This will show you all the devices using the account you signed in with.

4. Select the device about which you want to get details.

5. Your phone will be tracked automatically because location tracking is enabled on all apple devices by default.

You will have following options afterwards:
-->Erase your Phone
-->Put on Lost Mode which will lock your Device
-->Play a sound to track it down(only helps when your phone is found nearby)


You can also use the Find My Phone app which is a built-in app mostly found in 4s and later series. In this case you should have another Apple device to track your pone just like Android tracking.
After you put your credentials in this app it works same as iCloud Website Method.

P.S: These methods will work in the best scenerio for you but if the phone is switched off then it will be hard for you to track you device. So in this case just note your IMEI(if you didn't note it down earlier then you can find it on your Device Box) number and contact your vendor or company to help you.


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