Whatsapp is the most downloaded messenger for smartphones. People love to use this app and recently they introduced new technology of Encryption which has increased the trust of people on them. But unfortunately like everyone this app also lacks some features which i hope they will introduce in the coming months but till then we have to take some steps to fulfill our needs.
By this you will get to know a cool and somewhat a hidden feature Whatsapp in iPhone. You can easily send music files in your Music library easily to your friends by using this method.
1. Download Media File Manager by Do Anh
2. Open the App.
3. Click on Music Albums
4. Select a song you want to send(There will be all songs that you synced last time including Audios and Videos).

Send Audio Songs And Music Files On Whatsapp From iPhone4s/5/5s/6/6s/6SE

5. Now tap on the Icon on top right of the screen(Like  share Icon)
6. Now choose a folder where you want to store that file temporarily. You can select any but it is good to store in Music folder to keep your files organized.
Now You Can Also Use WhatsApp on Your Computer
7. After selecting destined folder just click on copy from top right of the screen.
8. Now go back to main menu of the app and select Local.
9. Go to the folder where you copied your music file.
10. Select the file you want to send and tap on the second option from list.
11. Now select WhatsApp.
12. Now select the recipient to whom you want to send a song.
13. Now click on send and it's done!
P.S: You can delete the temporary file afterwards to save some storage.

Send Audio Songs And Music Files On Whatsapp From iPhone4s/5/5s/6/6s/6SE

Download and Send a Song on WhatsApp
What if you don't have a desired song you want to send in your library.Well this is more easy to do than the previous one. Just follow the steps!
1. Download Documents 5 app by Readdle or Download any File Manager from these iPhone Apps.
2. Copy the URL of music file from any site or just Search for the Song on YouTube and copy it's link.
3. Open Document 5 app and it's browser and type 'savefrom.net' in the address bar.
4. Type the URL you copied in it's search bar and click done.
5. Click on download (if you copied a YouTube Link then select mp3 file from Drop Down Menu).
6. After download completes just go to App's main menu.
7. Click on Edit. Select the Song and choose Open in.
8. Now choose Whatsapp from Options and select a recipient and send the song.

You have seen both methods of sending an audio file on WhatsApp from iPhone and if you have tried these then your feedback is more then welcome.


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