Snapchat is a social networking app where friends add each other through an ID and share pictures and stories with each other. This app provides you full privacy as no unknown person can see your profile unless you give your ID to him/her. After this Snapchat also notifies you about people who take screenshot of your pics and also who just saw your snap.
Sometimes you may want to capture a moment and share it with the person in the future from snapchat. This requires you to be extra clever in taking screenshots. Below are some steps which can help you taking a screenshot without notifying the other person. Just give it a try and give your feedback.
1. Open Snapchat.
2. Load a Story.
3. Close Snapchat.
4. Put your Phone on on Airplane Mode or Fly Mode.
5. Open Snapchat again
6. Click on story you want to save
7. Now take screenshots.

How To Take Screenshot/Save Snapchat on Android And iPhone

8. After you are done close Snapchat
9. Remove the App from Background.
10. Check your Gallery to see if you have taken it right if not repeat the steps.
11. Now bring your phone back to normal mode.

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Remove Apps from Background iPhone
1. Press the Home Button twice.
2. Your Background Running Apps will be shown to you.
3. Just swipe up the app you want to close.
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P.S: You don't have to do these steps if you didn't Enable Background Refresh feature yet.

Remove Apps from Background Android
There are many ways to close the app running on the background. Let's see some easy of them.
1. Press the home button twice.
2. Remove the you want to close by swiping it to left.
1. Go to the settings
2. Select Application Manager
3. Open Snapchat from there and force close it.
1. Click the left button on your phone(only some phones have this feature)
2. Just swipe the app left that you want to close from background.

P.S: This trick is not to harm anyone's privacy. Just try to capture beautiful moments of your friend's life and after them share with them to surprize the but remember only in a good way.


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