Like you have a name which is your identity and people in this real world recognizes you through it in the same way you are provided by an IP by your ISP when you go online. IP means Internet Protocol which is used by networks to identify you on the internet.

This IP address can be used to track your online activities, apply geo-restrictions on your, manipulate your privacy and security by Government or by Hackers. So this concludes that you mainly want to hide your IP for some following reasons:
  • Prevent Website's Tracking
  • Hide Geographical Restrictions
  • For Safety and Security
  • To prevent from leaving any digital footprint
  • To transfer your data more securely
  • To Browse Anonymously
There are many ways to hide your IP address but the safest and the fastest ones we are going to share with you guys.

Free WiFi

The best and the fastest way to hide your IP is to use someone else's WiFi. This is free,simple and it does not slows down your speed while browsing. But remember one thing your information still can be stole by some mischievous person. Never check your account or do your highly confidential work while eating burger at a restaurant using their Wireless Network or might want to know how to use Free WiFi with security.


Virtual Private Networks are the second best way to work anonymously online. There are many VPNs present at this moment some are free and most are paid. You should use the paid ones because they not only are from reliable sources but also not supported by ads with faster speed than free ones.
Some of them are given below:
  1. HIDEmyASS
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. Hotspot Shield
  4. Nord VPN
  5. VyprVPN
  6. TorGuard
  7. Private Internet Access
Using VPN always provides you many advantages like security and accessing blocked sites in your region. They can be free or paid but most of the above mentioned are paid because they gave you extra useful features.

Web Based Proxies
Other alternative to conceal your IP address is to use websites based in different countries. Some of them are:
  1. ProxySite
  2. UnblockYoutube
  3. UnblockVideos
  4. Zalmos
  5. Newipnow
  6. Filterbypass

One Click Proxies

These are one click proxies and people love to use them. This works like magic! You just have to install one extension in your respective browser and the rest is just enjoyment. No Ads and also works faster than Web Based Proxies.
2. Hola
Use them only when you want to. Just like a light switch they also have a button like On/Off.

When to Use Them?
If you want to conceal your ip for just some time and performance and speed doesn't bother you much then you should go for Web Based Proxies.

If you want speed and not security than use free WiFi.

Use VPNs if you want security and privacy.

Install One Click Proxies if you want to save your time and money along-with security.

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P.S: If you want to check your ip address then just go to Google and type 'my ip'. This will show you your current ip address.


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