Privacy is the first thing comes into your mind when you buy a smartphone. People often search through your phone or children just want to play games on your mobile. So now you can get rid off all those things which disturbs your privacy.

In other words you can put your phone into a safe mode. There are few methods by which you can hide your apps in your android phone without uninstalling them. So lets's see how you can hide any app in your phone.

Disable App(Easiest One)
1. Open Settings
2. Go to Application manager or Apps
3. Select an app.
4. Click on Disable Button.
5. Confirm your Action by 'Ok'.

You are done but this feature is present in only few mobile phones and if you want to Enable the app again by just going through the same steps and instead of Disable just click on 'Enable'.

Use Launcher

Some launchers even built-in ones offers you the functionality of hiding apps but if you really want to try something good then you should try Nova Launcher which is among the best launchers android store has.

1. Download Nova Launcher
2. Long-press the Home Screen.
2.Open the App Drawer.
3. Select Settings.
4. Now select Apps & Widget Drawers.

Hide Apps in Android Samsung/Lenovo/Huawei/LG/Nexus

5. Now to Hide Apps.
6. Check the apps from drawer you want to hide.

Hide Apps With Third Party Apps

There are some good apps to which can help you to protect your apps by a password or a PIN.

1. App Locker by Burakgon

Size: 4.7MB
User Stars: 4.4/5
User Reviews: Average
Version Tested: 2.1.0

2. Applock2
Size: Varies with Device
User Stars: 4.3/5
User Reviews: Good

3. Locx App Lock by C Launcher Team
Size: Varies with Device
User Stars: 4.5/5
User Reviews: Good
Version Tested: 2.3.1

4. AppLock Fingerprint by SpSoft Tools
Size: 3.5MB
User Stars: 4.4/5
User Reviews: Good
Version Tested: 6.7.3

P.S: Launcher method is the best one to hide apps but if you want extra security you can use third party apps.


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