Facebook is the source of entertainment for many people since it came to existence. It is introducing new features every day for it's users. They also change their site policy time to time which may not affect users directly but somehow it affects indirectly. Videos has the most people reach on facebook, this is the behind many FB page admins upload videos regularly to promote their page. However, this is not our concern.

What i am going to show you today is that how you can save these videos to your iPhone so you can watch them later without internet connection.

Before starting you should have download manager installed on your device. I am going to use MyMedia today to show you the method. So just install it from Apple Store before you want to continue.

After installing this application Open your facebook app.
1. Open video you want to save.
2. Click on Share.
3. Copy Link from here & close the app.
4. Now Open MyMedia app. You will see a browser there. Just go to savevideo.me website.

How to Download/Save Facebook Videos in iPhone/iPad
                                       FB App                              MyMedia App

5. Now Paste the link  you copied from fb here and click on download.
6. Select Video Quality & Format and.

7. A dialog option will appear. Choose  Download the File from here.
8. Give your file a name.

How to Download/Save Facebook Videos in iPhone/iPad

9. After the download is complete go to Media tab.
10. Click on File and select Save To Camera Roll from.
11. Now close this app and go to Camera Roll. Play your video and enjoy it..

How to Download/Save Facebook Videos in iPhone/iPad

Delete files from MyMedia app to save memory if you want to.

As Apple regularly deletes apps from their store which helps users to download videos from sites which forbids to download their videos. If you don't find this app in future just comment here to get the updated one.


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