As the mobile developers have increased in the recent time smartphone apps are also increasing. There million of apps out there for your smartphone some  are too good whilw some are very poor to use. Apple's itunes is the second largest app store for smartphones because they regularly remove apps from their store to maintains their policy and security. 
After all these you will see thousands of apps if you search for a particular one to solve your problem. Today we listed down some good apps to solve your little problems. These bunch of apps will make your life easy and entertaining.

These apps allow you to interact with other people around the globe providing each app has different interface and functionality
1. Facebook 
2. Twitter
3. Instagram
4. 9Chat
5. Snap Chat
7. Google+
8. Tumblr
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Camera/Photo Editing/Collage Maker
Take pictures and edit them within a few seconds.
1. Candy Camera
2. Retrica
3. Cymera
4. PhotoGrid
5. Poto
6. PosterLabs
Browse videos,trolls,memes and music to ammuse yourself.
1. YouTube
2. Dailymotion
3. 9Gag
4. SoundCloud
5. Meme Generator
The best and the most advanced apps to connect to your loved ones.
1. Fb Messenger
2. Viber
3. Line Messenger
4. WhatsApp 
5. Skype
Game lovers would love to have these apps.
1. FIFA 16 UT
2. Stick Cricket
3. Brain Dots
4. Death Rally
5. Baseball Superstars
6. RoboCop
7. Clash of Clans
8. Megapolis
File Transfer Wireless
Tranfer your files without syncing within a few seconds.
1. Feem
2. Shareit
3. Team Viewer
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Video Players
Although iPhone has a built-in app for videos but you should try out one of these for the sake of change.
1. VLC Media Player
2. MX Video Player

Cricket Live Scores & News
Best apps in town for cricket fans.
1. Cricinfo
2. CricBuzz
3. Star Sports
4. CricketNext
Football Live Scores & News
Not sure about the trnasfer romours? Just download these apps to get the Live scores and Authentic transfer news.
1. Football News
3. Goal Live Scores
5. Star Sports
6. FuboTv Live
7. 90min
File Downloader & File Managers
Use to save files from internet.
1. MyMedia
2. Document5
Best browsers you can use these days on any device.
1. Google Chrome
2. Firefox
3. UC Browser
4. Quick Browser
Apps that you should give a try they are more than worthy.
1. Dict Box
2. Splice: Edit your Videos
3. StumbleUpon
4. Adobe Acrobat Reader: PDF Reader
Try these ones and if I have missed some then please share it so you may get another list.


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