YouTube is no doubt the first choice of many people to pass their boring time but most people lacks real entertainment. They just waste their time in just surfing through the videos in search of good videos. So today i am going to share some channels with you so you can enjoy your time more entertainly.

Adrian Gee
A guy Adrian from Australia now moved to United States has over 4 lakh subscribers on it's channel. He has everything on his channel which you can find amusing. On his channel you will find: Pranks, Social Experiments, Public Trolling, Comment Trolling, Street Interviews and Funny Videos.

With over 1.7 million subscribers this channel has the best viewership among all other channels on this list. This guy from U.S wants people to smile the only reason he makes awesome videos. You will find prank and trolling videos on this channel.

This channel's name goes with it's videos. With nearly 200k subscribers till date this channel is owned by a guy Juan resident of U.S like every other. Pranks and people trolling is the thing you will find most in this channel.

Best Entertainment Channels On YouTube You Must Subscribe-Males

Joined YouTube in 2012 this channel has got many subscribers with nearly 400k now. Also working as Cameraman for BigDawsTv this channel makes alot of videos on new ideas. You will get to see hilarious videos on this channel. So just go there subscribe it and just enjoy.

They started to entertain people in 2011 and now has over 1.1 million subscribers. Like other channels they troll people and sometimes work with the collaboration of other people. They post a video every week to entertain their fans. Just subscribe to this channel so you can laugh even harder.

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Another Guy from United States who is doing his work from 2009 has now almost 1 million subscribers on his channel. From Social Experiments to Trolling People this channel has many things to offer to his fans.

Zaid Ali
This guy has won almost heart of every desi person with his comedy videos on the asian people's issues. Lives in canada and makes videos in Urdu this boy has almost 300k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Sham Idrees
Lives in Canada this guy makes videos so people can laugh on it. Singer and entertainer who is famous on Social Sites more than he is on YouTube.

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As now i have shared them with you just go to these channels and tell me about your experience..


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