Every time we look for opportunities to make some money out of our skills. Some extra money can help us alot in the management of our expenses. There are many sources of earning good amount of money from your skills and one them is Freelancing. In this you work remotely for your clients and get your payment through online banking or wired one. There are plenty of sites who provides you such a platform but only few are reliable and trustworthy and out of those I shortlisted 9 sites for you to spend your precious time on working on projects on these sites without being scammed.

1. Freelancer
Freelancer has given freelancing a competitive touch. They have made the life of buyers easy. It has almost 15 million registered freelancers and still counting. People post their projects on this site and then freelancers compete with each other by posting a bid and an example of their work much like offers sent to buyers in fiverr. Client will choose the most suitable offer he will get. Don't use this site if you are not sure about your skills yet.

2. Upwork
Upwork(previously odesk) with over 1.5 million is the most reliable platform for any freelancer to start. They have user interactive and easy to use interface. This platform has something for everyone out there You can choose from categories and their subcategories to setup your profile. You can work hourly or can work on a project it's all upto your choice.

3. Toptal
Toptal is different from others in it's approach. Widely used in more than 90 countries they have an applicant system. To provide their clients a blend of professional work they hire only 3% of the applicants to ensure they can guarantee their clients of having the best man in town. If you are sure that you are best in your field than this platform is made for you. There you will meet great clients who are willing to pay good amount for your work.

Best Freelancing Websites for Freelancers UpWork/Toptal/fiverr/guru/simply hired/99designs

4. Fiverr
Over the past couple of years Fiverr has gathered attention of many freelancers. They introduced a system of adding a gig. Just create a selling account there and add your gig there. Buyers will see your gig and if it meets their requirements then they will contact you. Fiverr also has an option of buyer requests this option lets a buyer post what they want and afterwards you can offer your services to them. I personally have worked on this site but couldn't continue because of studies but i recommend you to at least try it once.

5. PeoplePerHour
Well just like other platforms  this site has jobs for SEO expert,Graphic Designer,Programmer in short for everyone. Their easy interface makes buyer-seller interaction more easy and clear. To simplify the whole process Peopleperhour offers a tool to manage everything at a single location.

6. Guru
Since 2001 this site has grown well with over 1.3 million active freelancers on this site gives you a wide range of choice as a buyer. If you want to choose you a person for your job to be done then you can look at his profile which shows his past work. In the same way freelancer can also look it's clients profile to know how much he spends on his projects. This site has a guru room which lets you manage all your easily.

7. Simply Hired
This site has made it to the list not only because it's a freelancing site but it also offers you a job. You can search their database for the perfect job you want. This site has something for programmer to designer to everyone. This is a must try platform because you cannot ignore it!

8. 99Designs
Much like Freelancer in it's approach this site allows a client to post a project after giving brief details about it and after this seller can offer their services to them with an example of their design. After few time client will select a designer who is declared as winner and it's upto client now whether he wants to continue work with him or not. 99Designs is specially made for designers and also included in this for them.

These sites not only gives you the opportunities to cash in your skills but also provides you a feature of being a client. Remember your profile is the main thing in freelancing just try to make your portfolio strong on couple of sites first and then go for the other ones. Try these sites and tell us about your experience.


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