Google is the most powerful engine ever made at least of this generation because no one can predict what is going to happen in future. Google is not only used by more than 60% internet users for it's engine power. It is used because of it's moto of one account for all. You can access every service offered by google by just creating a Gmail account. Moreover, it's partners also offers you the same facility.

However, because we use their services they can track of our every activity on internet. One of the drawback of this agreement is we don't have any privacy. Well we can hide ourselves but you have to be very clever for this.

Google keeps track and record every search you made in your entire life if you are logged into your account. With the help of this they filter the results according to your interests and much more. Fortunately there is a way you can delete your history. Let's not waste more time in discussion and see how to do this simple thing.

1-Visit the  page on the Google website.
2- Sign in if you are prompted to do so.
3- Click the Menu icon (it looks like 3 vertical dots).

How To Delete Search History From Google

4- Click Delete from options.
5- Select Advanced.
6- Choose the appropriate option from the drop-down menu. If you want to delete all your history select All Time otherwise it's up-to you what you want to select.
7- Now just click Delete.

That's it you have deleted your google history all by yourself. In future if you want search something just don't login to your Google account or use a very powerful feature of browsers i.e. Private Window Session or Incognito Mode. This will not only prevent your browser not to store your browsing history but will also stop google for not recording your search history.


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