Socializing is getting popular day by day but you will often find or meet people who are annoying or irritates you. Facebook,Twitter and Instagram are the most widely used socializing platforms. These platforms try to give you full privacy to secure your information. For this they provide you some powerful options to manage your privacy. One feature of all these is that you can Block anyone on these sites.
Today I am going to tell how to Block and Unblock someone on Twitter. Twitter is a site where you can show you thoughts on the ongoing trends in just 140 characters. Most celebs use this platform to interact with their fans. Now without waiting further time lets move on to our core of objective.

How To Block:

1. Go to account/profile of the person you want to block.
2. Go to settings of that profile by clicking Gear icon on that profile.
3. Now select Block from options.
It's done! now you cannot see this account's tweets and vice versa.

How To Block/Unblock Someone On Twitter

How To Un-Block:

1. Go to Twitter settings by clicking on the Gear Wheel.
2. Go to Privacy and Content.
3. Now go to Blocked Accounts.
4. Select account you want to unblock.
5. Just click on Blocked and select Unblock.
You have unblocked an account successfully!

PS: Do take into account before blocking someone that they cannot see your tweets and cannot send you messages. Same goes for you! you too will not be eligible to see the blocked person's tweets.


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