Facebook is a social network with the most users on internet. Everyone can take benefit from this platform. Everyone uses it fro their own sake but most people use it for socializing. They use various things to socialize. Some might update status others might upload a photo or a video maybe.
Facebook stores your videos and photos in albums by default. You can create and save images in them if you wish so. But if you want to download all your images you posted on facebook since you are using it then it can be tedious task for you to go through all pics one by one and save them. Well there is a good news for you Facebook gives you an awesome feature of downloading a full album with just one click. Lets go to steps to see how one can download a complete album from Facebook.
1. Go To Your Profile.
2. Click on Photos.
3. Go to Albums tab.

Download an Entire Album from Facebook in Few Seconds

4. Select the Album you want to download.
5. Click on the Gear Wheel Button on the right top corner.
6. Click on Download Album
Kudos! you have downloaded your complete album from Facebook in just a few clicks. Images will be downloaded in a zip file with a default album name. You can extract this file to see your images.


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