Bored of your life? Not sure what to Google about? Then don't worry you are on the right page to get some kick in your life. Correct me if i am wrong! we all at some times feel there is nothing left on internet or the internet has grown old. As we all know the more older something gets the more better it becomes. Same is the case with internet. Today we have millions of websites on internet and you can not access all of them. What about placing them at one place (not all of them but most of them). As this idea went viral internet has produced communities and today you are going to see 5 best of them.


Reddit:The front page of the Internet. Started with this slogan it has achieved this feat now. This community is for everyone. Thing which make this community different from others is SubReddits. Basically they have given categories a new name i.e. reddits. Subreddits are nothing but only your interests. You can join this community to share your posts with people or you can just surf through the front page of internet for amusement. If you really want to get into something real then you should sign up to this site (Well! obviously this is free). You can earn karma points if people likes your comment and a lot more like that.


The second big thing in communities is stumbleupon. This is unique in style and more graphically interactive than Reddit but not in respect of users as Reddit is. You have to make account or you connect your social account to stumble upon. On signing up they will ask you about your interests. Just select about what you want to see in the future (you can add interests later also). StumbleUpon has given surfing a new name i.e. Stumble. Whenever you hit Stumble you will see a new page. You can like,dislike and share it with your friends on almost every social account. So stumble today to become a Stumbler!

5 Sites To Share Your Blog Reddit/StumbleUpon


Well whenever there is an internet involved in anything how can Google left behind. It may not have highest users but it as the best interface to deal with. As you know Google says 'One Account For All'. You can do everything on any google product. Google plus is a simple social platform where you can join communities of your interest and then you can have fun. You can share posts you like on your timeline. You can like and comment too but unlike Reddit and StumbleUpon Google+ don't have any dislike option till now. Like Facebook you can ignore posts if you dislike it. So just go out there join communities and share your experience here.


Tumblr is very much different from all 3 sites mentioned above. They have a good interface. It is like a blog that you share with people. First of all you have to sign up. After if you want to post about something you should set your blog first (it is very easy) and after all this you can post about various trends. Tags are also a good feature of Tumblr which helps your post to appear in relevant trends. Follow your favorite trends for better experience.


Voat is clone version of Reddit. It has attracted many users in it's testing phase and now it has promoted to Alpha. If you comfortable in using Reddit then you shouldn't have any problem with Voat. Subreddits are replaced by Subverses besides this they barely have something different from Reddit to discuss about. As it is a growing community be a part of it to help them grow and who knows you will get some benefit in future because of this. So join Voat today and have your say!

There is important thing to remember that these all are best communities on internet till this time and as you know if you want to live in a certain community you should follow their rules. These sites also have rules and moderators to look if users are following them. If you break any rule you will be warned or you can also face ban. So be in your limits and enjoy what you have..


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