Internet has made our world small. People from anywhere can access anything they want. It is like a virtual world. Once you get into it you will go into it as the time passes there is no way out. But there are times when you are bored from your life of real world or from social sites like Facebook, Twitter or Well there are a lot more than social sites on internet. You can find everything of your interest on internet.
Today we are going to share a list of 40 websites that you will find more than time passing. Each and every site has it's own interface but we are sure that you will find them amusing in any way. But before going to visit these sites make sure you don't have any important task to do for next couple of hours because you are going to enjoy these sites to your extreme!


These websites may also fall into funny and entertaining but for their manifesto they lie in the videos category. You will find video of every genre on these sites. You can filter content based on your likes.


Well! if your sense of humor is great or you are sarcastic in nature then these sites are tailor made for you. They will laugh at you and if you are good enough then you can reply them. Even if you are not good in trolling people then just sit back and enjoy the battle of memes...


Entertaining in sense that you can find anything on these sites from memes to videos. Even you can submit your's if you have an account on these sites.

40 Awesome Sites To Pass Your Boring Time

User Interactive

4. Neave
These sites interacts users. If you are good at something and want to simulate it online then these sites are best to do it.

Comics on Web

If you are a comic lover then you cannot let these sites go away. Just go to these sites and enjoy their best content.

So, here are the list of 40 sites we know the best for you which we divided into categories. So, surf these sites according to the category you like and tell us about your experience. If you have some sites to share then feel free to share them with us. We will definitely  have a look on them will add them in next lists..


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