Internet has become the need of every person of this generation,One can spend his time without food or water but without WiFi it is not possible to pass your boring time. Keeping in mind the usage of WiFi the restaurants and public places are now gave you it's facility. Mostly,if you are using a WiFi at your home then it must be encrypted securely in others words protected by a password. But at those places you can access their internet without password because they offer you Open Networks. These are the networks which don't require any password as login.

For whatever reason you are going to use open network whether you are travelling or your home network is down you should know how to use it securely to save your important details from hackers.
Any data that you send to a website over a typical public network can be intercepted before it gets to it’s final destination. This means your usernames, passwords,credit card information or anything else could easily be stolen which you have stored in your device or in it's browser, and you wouldn’t find out about it until it’s too late to prevent the damage.

But you don't have to worry now because in this era of vigilant people you should know something that others not know.So today we will tell you a couple of things by which you can use these open networks more securely than ever. They not only prevent hackers to steal your information but also helps you hide your identity on the internet. So,let's see what we have got for you:

1-Whenever possible, use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Using a VPN allows you to send and receive all of your data through an encrypted “tunnel”, even when the network you’re connected to isn’t protected by encryption.

There are many good VPN services available, and you can use some of them for free. You can use Hotspot Sheild,Tor,Spotflux or Zenamte. Use VPN that you find easy to use and which is compatible to your device.

How To Use Open WiFi More Securely

2-If you want to use an un-encrypted network without VPN or by some hard luck if you don't have any VPN, then you can safely do it as long as the website you need to use are fully encrypted.
If a website uses encryption, any data that ends up being intercepted by a hacker will be unreadable and useless to a stealer even if the network itself is unsecured. Just make sure the entire website is encrypted, not just the login page.

If you’re using a browser on your device then look for the letters "https:" at the start of the website’s URL. If you see 'http' insted of 'https' then this means the site (or at least the current page you’re visiting) isn’t encrypted.

Always try to use device's browser to access the website you want instead of mobile's app of that website.This is because apps sometimes don't bother to encrypt your data resulting in the loss of information. But all these security measures are for the open Networks. You are free to use your trusted networks the way you want to use them. These open networks are great because you don't have to pay for them and you can use them without any restrictions. But you have to take some security measures to protect your information as you take in your daily life.


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