People especially every gamer love to play games online. With the ever growing use of social media game developers tend to use these platforms for their publicity of game.For this they deploy their game on the servers. Facebook is the primary source for game developers as people love to pass  their time on facebook. People time to time explore different things on facebook. Almost everyone will find the thing of their interest and so does every gamer.

How to Block Game Requests on Facebook

But here comes the most annoying thing about the games and apps on facebook i.e. useless
notifications of playing games which are send by your friends. Every game has a point where you need your friends to help your help you have to play this game. Your friends will send you requests and invites to help you and sometimes you will get offend.

But here is the solution by which you can avoid all those notifications and even your friends will not
know this. So just follow these steps to make your facebook the way you want.

1 – Log into your Facebook account and click the arrow shaped settings icon in the upper right-hand corner.
2 – Click Settings.
3 – Click the Apps link over in the left-hand column.

How to Block Game Requests on Facebook

4 – Find the “Apps, Websites and Plugins” section and click the Edit link.
5 – Click the Disable Platform button.
From now on you will never receive another game or app invitation. Of course you can always change your mind later and turn Platform back on simply by going to the "Apps, Websites and Plugins" again.

PS: The steps explained above will disable ALL Facebook games and apps, even the ones you use yourself. So, make sure that you want to do this or not.


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