The world has seen many incidents includes some natural disasters and some man made.World through it's generations experienced different types of events that changed the way of how people thinks about a certain race.This generation is facing a severe problem of terrorism.It is war against peace lovers and the ones who want to impose their ideology by any means.They will go to any extent to get what they want.Millions of people have suffered because of them till data.They mostly use a name of religion to preach their ideas but if you read the books of that religion you will find out that they are on the wrong path.
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Today we came up with seven most horrifying terrorist attacks that left the whole world crying.But the people didn't go down.They are now strong more than ever.

1. 9/11 Attacks on Trade Center

On sep 11  2001 four passenger airplanes were hijacked by 19 terrorists.They were hijacked to target the landmarks of United States and almost accomplished in doing so.As they hit two aircrafts in the World Trade Center and the third one on the U.S defense department's headquarter.Their fourth target was Washington D.C but they field to hit it because the passengers didn't let them do.Almost 2996 people died in this incident and thousands of people got injured severely.Losses in billions and stock markets also went down because of this.Many memorial buildings were built and events were held.Later the responsibility is taken by the leader of Al-Qaeda Bin Laden.

2. Bali Bombings

One and a month year later three bombs killed almost 202 people.The bombs were planted near a populated nightclub of Kuta on the Indonesian island of Bali.People from more than 20 nationalities were killed and injured.People were from Australia mostly as 88 people who died were Australian residents. Later in 2002 the Jemaah Islamiyah took the responsibility of this attack because of the help given by Australians to U.S in the Terror War.After six year the accused ones of this attack were shot down by the police of Indonesia.

3. Madrid Train Bombings

One of the most controversial attack we can say as this incident occurred on March 11 2004 just three days before the General Elections in Spain. The political parties started accusing each other. Investigations found that a terrorist cell inspired by Al-Qaeda was involved in this attack.However, 191 people were died and more than 1800 people were severely injured in this attack.But the political parties instead of showing unity against terrorism showed their greed for Power.

4. 26/11 Mumbai Attacks

In November 2008 the Mumbai and their residents saw the worst four days of their lives most probably as 10 terrorists hit the heart of India at distant places.Almost 164 people were killed and 308 were inured.Indian armed forces conducted 'Operation Black Tornado' to kill the rest of the attackers.After four days of fight they killed all the terrorists and captured one alive and his name was Ajmal Kasaab.He told the interogators that the terrorists were the member of Lashkar-e-Taiba. Pakistan confirmed in 2009 that Ajmal was a Pakistani resident.

5. APS Peshawar School Attack

On 16 December 2016 the terrorist crossed all the limits of violence as they attacked on Education.Seven attackers intrude in to Army Public School in Peshawar Pakistan and opened the fire on the school staff and little children.They killed 141 people including 132 school children.The whole social media went black as people turned their DP's to black to show their support.All terrorists were killed in an operation conducted by Pak Army's special services force. All political parties forgot their differences and came on a single page to kill all terrorists.Army took many steps after this incident. Tehrik-i-Taliban took the responsibility and said this was the consequence of operation Zarb-e-Azb.

6. Paris Attacks

On the eve of 13th november 2015 Paris seen the most terrible night in the history as three bombers attacked the city at different places. Attackers killed 130 people and in excess of 300 got injured. Islamic state of Iran and Levant claimed the responsibility.The whole world took the stand against terrorists.Facebook introduced a filter in support for France.People used it to show France that they are with them. Many steps were taken against the attackers and a week later the suspected lead attacker were killed by the police along with two people.

7. Bacha Khan University Attack

On 20 January 2016, four armed persons again targeted the education as they opened fire at Bacha Khan University near Charsadda, Pakistan. At least 22 people were killed and more than 20 were injured. Over 200 students were rescued from the premises, while the attackers were killed by security forces. On 23 January 2016, the Pakistani army laid the blame on a Pakistani Taliban commander and the leader of it's Tariq Geedar group.

The world on the whole has condemned these attacks and all the other attacks that involved killing of innocent people.We should unite to beat terrorism on every platform because they are using name of religion and other races to get what they want.


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