As the number of internet users are growing the demand for video sites are also increasing rapidly. Producers are working hard to impress people. First they create their content and than share it on Video Sharing Sites. After YouTube the producers seek a video site with huge audience. Dailymotion is the best alternative.You can make upload your videos for free on it.

Today we are going to show our users how to create and set your Dailymotion account for successful Channel.You just need an e-mail address to sign up.

1. Go to Dailymotion.

2. Click on Sign in. You can find it on the right corner of the site.

3. Select dialog box "I want to create a New account for dailymotion".

4. Enter email address and password you want to use in future.

5. Press Enter or click on Create.

6. Confirm your Password by entering it twice.

7. Enter your Channel's name.

8. Select your Channel's URL.

Select short and easy to remember URL for the ease of your followers.

Create and Set Dailymotion Account

9. Write CAPTCHA in box to prove that you are not a robot.

10. Click on Create.

That's it! Now just go to your email inbox and verify this account. Now you can upload videos by just clicking on upload. Dailymotion allows many video formats. You can upload 2GB in size or 60 mins videos in length.

Now you are ready to set your Channel. Just Goto your profile and then to settings. Here upload banner,display picture of your channel. Give some description about your content. You can also add external links to divert traffic to your blog or site. Upload videos,create playlists and customize your channel. All for free.

Create and Set Dailymotion Account

Do things that are interesting and interactive and most importantly people love them because you need traffic and views on your Videos.


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