Socializing is getting popular day by day. There are numerous sites that people use for socializing purpose. Each and every platform and site has it's own uniqueness and functionality. People tend to move towards those that sounds interesting and easy to use. Because of this today we are going to share some tips for the users of is very popular among youngsters. This site is ever growing since it's creation. People ask questions to other people here. You can ask anonymously or by your ID. In the same way you can avoid or answer a question. In every social site followers are very important. This shows how popular you are. So,today we are going to share 8 tips with you to increase your followers on

1.Like answers of popular profiles: Just surf to the profiles of popular people and like their answers. Depending on your region popular profiles may include celebs,sportsman or local politicians. Doing this your profile reach will increase and people will follow you if they find you interesting.

2.Ask questions frequently and relevant: Ask questions from people which are relevant to them. Just be real don't do this to gain followers. People will not like you if you ask them strange questions. Frequently asking questions will get you more attention.

3.Request people to add you on their Bio: Just like every other social platform this method works very efficiently but it's rate is very slow. Ask people with decent number of followers to add you on their Bio. Doing this their followers might get interest in you because you have something special which tends him/her to add you in his/her Bio.

4.Ask people to visit your profile: You ask question from people in the same way just ask people to visit you profile. Some will ask you questions and some will visit and if they found your profile eye catching they will surely follow you.

8 Ways to Increase Followers on for Free

5.Get Attention: Well it is a human behavior that everyone loves being admired. Get attention of people by complimenting them. Girls will mostly like this. Just tell them "How beautiful you are" and a lot of things like that.

6.Ask people to Like your Answer: Ask people to like your answers. This will increase your profile reach and the people who liked your answers their followers will also be able to see your answers.With this your answer reach will be increased by each like you get on your answer.

7.Be Witty: If your sense of humor is good and you are witty than this will help you a lot on Ask. You are not born with this capability but you can adopt it. Questions may sometimes irritate you but if you are witty than you can deal with it.

8.Eye Catching Bio: The first thing someone looks at while visiting you profile is your Bio. If it is interesting they will show interest in you and move further otherwise they will not bother to look your answers. Write your Bio in a well organized and well defined manner to make a good impression on the visitor of your profile.

Hopefully you will try these methods and will get your desired results.


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