Every guy in life uses a pick up line in his life to impress someone he likes.Depending on nature some are good at it and some are not.Well you should be super confident in speaking a pickup line.Your gestures,pauses and eye contact plays a very key role in delivering your pickup line's context to the listener correctly. Just speak with confidence.This is an art which has only few masters.
Things you should avoid during your pickup lines are:
-Don't speak fast.
-Don't be shy.
-Never talk roughly.
-You shouldn't be in hurry at all.

Well after all these we have listed out some lines that you should try once in your life.So here we go..
1. Let me tie your shoes cause i don't want you falling for anyone else.

2. Are you a keyboard? Because you are my type.

3. Are you Sun? Because you are so hot.

4. I have lost my phone number,can i borrow yours?

5. Do you have a bandage? Cause i just scrapped my knee falling for you.

6. You look familiar didn't we take a class together because I think we had chemistry together.

7. Are you from McDonald's,cause i'm loving you.

8. Are you WiFi because i'm feeling connection.

15 Best Pick Up Lines Every Guy Should Try

9. Are you a magnet? Because you are so attractive.

10. Are you a magician? Because every time i look at you everything else disappears.

11. Can i have a picture of your's?(wait for her to say 'Why?') So i can show my parents what i want for Christmas.

12. If time was beauty you would eternity.

13. Do you believe in Love at first sight or should i pass back? well this works almost every time.

14. Did you just shoot me? Cause i'm dying for you.

15. Can i take your picture so i can show my friends that angels do exist. This will make her say 'Awww'..

Tell us if they work and if you do have one share it with us.


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