The dramas of Pakistan is being loved by everyone worldwide because of the hard work the artists.Morale scripts make them more interesting and pleasing.As you will see many artists working in the dramas.This industry is growing very rapidly because of the huge number of television channels we have today.They all want to entertain people and for this they try to get the best in the business.

Pakistani dramas are incomplete without a female being the main or central role.That's why the interest of girls of going in the showbiz is increasing day by day.You will see a lot of beautiful faces in the dramas. For you Today we have listed out some of the best of them for you.So just sit back and see the most hard working and beautiful ladies of Pakistan's showbiz.

10. Arij Fatyma
10 Most Beautiful Drama Actresses of Pakistan

Model turned actress started his drama career in 2012 as Millie in Kis Din Mera Veyah Hoyga 2.She did many dramas for top television channels.Nominated as the Best Supporting actress for her role in Humnasheen.Won Hum Award for best Soap Actress.Her latest project was Tum Mere Paas raho back in 2015.

9. Sarah Khan
10 Most Beautiful Drama Actresses of Pakistan

Karachi born Sarah also made her debut in 2012 in a drama series Badi Apa which was on Hum Tv. She worked on several projects including Tele-films and drama series. She has given many television hits till now and will give many in near future.

8. Neelam Munir
10 Most Beautiful Drama Actresses of Pakistan

23 aged model and actress  has achieved and worked a lot to this date.She gave many good and hit dramas in television history.She is also working on her current project  "Chupan Chupai" a film directed my Mohsin Ali and is set to release in 2016. We wish Neelam a very best of luck for her movie.

7. Ushna Shah
10 Most Beautiful Drama Actresses of Pakistan

Born in Karachi and than went to London.Ushna brought up in London and than came back to Pakistan.She is a versatile personality.Worked as RJ,host and currently working as an actress.His career sparkled after his stunning acting performance in one the most hyped drama Bashir Momin.She is also working in a movie under production named Afrah Tafreeh.

6. Sajal Ali
10 Most Beautiful Drama Actresses of Pakistan

Started his career in 2009 Sajal performed various roles.She proved herself by doing doing chahracters which one can only thought of.Because of her versatility she appeared in dramas of all leading channels of Pakistan.Her recent projects are Gul-e-Rana and Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai which is a film and is in under production.

5. Aimal Khan and Minahil Khan
10 Most Beautiful Drama Actresses of Pakistan

Well the twin sisters came and made their recognition in no time.They have artistic qualities and good looks which made them to seal the 5th spot in beauty.

4. Maya Ali
10 Most Beautiful Drama Actresses of Pakistan

VJ turned Model turned Actor started his long lasting career in 2011.Her debut drama was released in 2012 but after this she has no ending.Her career highlight dramas are Shanakht and Mann Mayal. Mann Mayal is currently airing on Hum Tv and the best drama in the town at this moment.

3. Ayesha Omer
10 Most Beautiful Drama Actresses of Pakistan
Known for her character in Bulbulay has worked a lot in industry.She appeared in two films.Her performance was applauded by both the Critics and the Audience.She also sings well and have many good songs under her belt. She is also working on Waar 2 which is in a production phase.

2. Sohai Ali Abro
10 Most Beautiful Drama Actresses of Pakistan
Started her career with a Tele-film in 2012 and now the most recognized faces of Showbiz..That's Sohai for you.She did three movies and one is in production phase.Her television highlight hit was Pyare Afzal which was aired on ARY TV.

1. Aiza Khan
10 Most Beautiful Drama Actresses of Pakistan

No surprises at all as Aiza tops the list of most beautiful and hardworking actor of Television.Now married with Danish and blessed with a baby recently is enjoying her life.She won award for Best Tv Actress for his superb acting in Pyare Afzal.She also had offers from India but she wanted to work in Pakistan.We wish her a Happy Married Life...

We tried to cover the top 10 beautiful faces of this industry.It was really hard to choose only 10 because there are many more beautiful faces but we shortlisted some for you...


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