Created in 2005 YouTube has the largest audience and video collection among video sharing sites. Whenever someone wants to share a video the first website comes to his mind is YouTube. People love to pass their boring time by watching the content they like on YouTube. But have you ever thought of using other sites or try another one.
Well if you are an entertainment seeker you should surf through the internet yo try out different sites. We have listed some of the best websites that can be used as an alternative to YouTube and some have better features than web's no 1 video site. So lets check out some cool and amazing websites.


With over 10 crore visitors per month this site is the best alternative to YouTube. It allows its users to upload share and watch videos of various categories. People can watch wide range of videos on this site. The best feature of this site is that its copyright policy is not as strict as of Youtube's. You can upload videos by creating an account free of cost and earn money by monetizing them.


This site has some serious audience in terms of visitors per day after the #1. Vimeo has three types of accounts for its users: Free,Plus & Pro. The limitations of account varies according to its type if you just want to watch videos than it is recommended to choose a free one. But if you are an video editor and want to sell your videos just select from Plus or Pro depends which suits you more.


This site has wide range of short videos to offer to its users. The audience is not as large as of above two but it is growing slowly. One thing which is attractive for this site is that you can upload your video fro free and if it crosses 20k hits then site will pay you 5$ for every 1k views.

Top 6 Sites Like YouTube


Well if you are a student than you cannot get better site than this. The site is full of conceptual ideas and thinking of great minds. The idea of this site is to share innovative concepts with people. The other upper hand this site has is it's powerful engine. You can search through keywords & also by themes such as beautiful etc.


Gamers have a vast community these days. So why not suggest a site for our gamers. This site here you can broadcast yourself while playing games or talking about them while people can see you either live or in an archived footage. Site offers you two types of account which includes a free one and a Turbo one. Free account will have restrictions and ads on vids and storage of videos fro only 2 weeks.Turbo will get rid off all these limitations. So if you are a true game addict than we will say Go For Turbo!


With just above 1.5 crore monthly visitors this site has many studio generated and independently produced videos You can contact to many people of your field. You are allowed to comment and share on other's videos. Embed videos on your blog. Once signed in you can upload videos on it.

P.S: If you want more than that from internet than you should see awesome sites on internet to surf through.


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