Ever wondered how people watch LIVE online content on YouTube??  Well if you want to know the answer you have arrived to the right place.Now you can follow your favorite serials and Tv series just by doing some simple steps.You can watch Live events including award ceremonies, football & cricket matches and other sports on YouTube.

 Just following these simple steps:

1.First go to YouTube.

2.Write whatever you want to watch in the search bar(e.g. Ballon d'or, Oscar Awards).

3.A page will appear with your search results.

4.Now click on filters.

How to Watch Live Match on YouTube

5.Here find 'Features' tab.

6.Under Features tab you will see an option 'Live'.

7.Click on Live.Your results page will be refreshed automatically.

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8.Now you will see many results with 'Live' as tags.

9.Open different links/channels and choose the best one.

Enjoy your favorite content with snacks...


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