Transferring files from iPhone to computer or vice versa can be very annoying sometimes. You have to get through many steps. iTunes is a pre-requisite for your iPhone syncing. But what if you want share only one or couple of pictures or videos to/from computer.In that case this method is very long and time consuming.

Although there are many apps and sites that allows you to do this through different techniques but they are not as efficient and fast as the method we are going to share with you.

First of all you have to download and install an app on both Devices on which you are going to share files. The app is a very lightweight and free of cost made by Lenovo . The app name is Shareit. If you want to download it on iPhone than you can easily find it on App Store. To download on computer Click Here.

Now if you have installed this app then you are ready for sharing. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Open app on both iPhone and Computer.

2. Select your icon(first time process).

3. Now click on 3 Vertical Dots on the left top side of the screen on your mobile.

We are presuming that you are sending a file from iPhone to laptop.

How to Transfer iPhone files to Computer without Data Cable

4. Now select Connect to PC/MAC.

5. Make sure you have allowed camera access to Shareit. Now Click on Scan QR Code.

6. Camera app will open. Using this just scan QR Code appearing on you computer application.
Now you can send files from both devices

7. Select pictures or videos you want to send.

8. Now just click on send.

9. Transfer speed will depend on your internet connection speed.

Transfer will be completed in few seconds. If you want more speed then you can create you own network from computer and then connect both devices to that network and repeat the steps of sending a file. Speed will be 100 times more

On computer files will be stored in default folder named Sahreit and in iPhone you can see your pictures and video in camera roll.


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