The population of world is growing rapidly and so does socializing. Many big companies have turned their business profit from 50-100% by using social sites and these are mere rough numbers. Firstly the innovation of internet gave companies a great boost and now social sites are adding fuel to it.

Everyone wishes to be successful in his life but what if your business is not growing and you are unable to expand it? The answer and solution of your problem is 'if people are not coming to you then go to them'. Show them why they need you. On social sites this is very easy you can reach almost millions on people by creating a single page of your business.

Facebook being the largest network of all has large and active audience.You can reach them by just creating a page on it.You can easily create a page by following some simple steps.
1. Go to Facebook and login into your account.
2. Click on the right most icon on search bar.There will be an option of creating a page Click on it.
3. A page will appear.There will be 6 boxes which covers all the categories.Click on box that suits your business best.
4. Some drop down menus will appear asking you about the Category and Title.These two are compulsory.They might ask you some more information depending on the Genre you choose.
5. Choose the most appropriate category that is relevant to your business and select a unique title that will attract people.

How to Create a Page on Facebook

6. Click on Get Started.
7. Now they will ask you more about your page.Just give an interactive description and write easy to remember link of your page.
8. Next step is to set your profile picture.Select or create a picture that brings people to your page and depicts your business.
9. Add your page to 'Favourites' to keep a close look on it.
10. Now the last step is to select your Target Audience by yourself. Just Keep it to default.
11. Like your own page and start getting likes. You would also love to know How to get Likes on Facebook Page.
12.Type first post and start your social activity.
You can skip steps from 7-10 but it is recommended to do them because this will help visitor to know about your company/business. Thats it! now you are ready to grow your business. We are hopeful that this will help you.


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