Apple users are increasing incredibly well over the past few years. The reason might be their secure apps. The cloud backup they gave can also be one the reasons. But to operate an apple device or to download something from store you need to create account. Apple offer you two types of accounts one is paid which is used for billing etc and the other one is free which means pay for the apps when you purchase them.
Method for creating both accounts are very similar and simple. You can make account of your choice but if you are not going to download paid apps we prefer you to make a Free account. Just go through the following steps to create your Apple ID:

1.Open App Store or iTunes.

2.Select any free app(e.g:Candy Crush).

3.A dialogue box will appear.Select Create New Account.

4.Select your Country.

5.Accept Agreement.

6.Enter your email address.This will be your future Apple ID.

7.Enter your password and retype to confirm it.Don't copy & paste it.Write yourself to confirm.

8.Enter other details and click on Next.

9.Now from options of Payment type select None if you want to make a free one or choose the payment option which suites you.

10.Enter the required details and proceed.

11.A confirmation mail will be sent to you  through email on mail address you provided.

12.Just confirm it.

Thats it! Now you can use this account on 5 Apple devices.Just enjoy and control your Apple device.


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