Social sites are growing very rapidly these days some them are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. If you own a business and want to expand it then these sites are the best source for this purpose. All you have know is how to use these sites for your benefit.

We will discuss the biggest social network site of them today which is Mark's Facebook which currently have more than one billion users on it. Now that sounds a huge population. You don't have to bother about all population just target selected ones. Facebook allows you to create a Page. You will find many pages on FB. You might have liked some. Now its time to create your own and get likes on it.

Well start form the point that you have created a page now the real question is how you will get likes on it. There are some strategies which you can follow to promote you page.

1. Ask Friends

2. Ask Other Page Admins

3. Sharing

4. Tagging

Get Free Likes on Facebook page

5. Posting

6. Two Page Method

7. Fake ID

9. When to post

10. What to post
Ask Friends 
The best way to get the starting likes on your page is to ask your friends to like it. Invite all your friends to like the page and ask them to invite their friends too and so on. This will create a chain. However all will not do but some of them will if they are your true friends and not just FB friends. Contact them personally to get a like on page.

Ask Other Page Admins
This is the fastest way to get likes on your page. Search pages similar to your page and ask them to do a favour. However the success rate in this is very low 1 out of 10 but you have to depend on your luck. If they share your post or page and have good audience than you will get a lot of likes. Don't pay for this.

Share your post on your timeline or on your friends if they don't mind. This will increase you post engagement.
Tag people and pages on your post to reach the maximum audience you can. You can people/friends in your picture post easily.
Find groups relevant to your page on FB and join them. After this share post with these groups with your account. But one thing is important find and join active groups with large number of members and share only relevant posts.

Two Page Method 
Create one backup page also. Keep posting on it once a day and share same post with both of your pages. This will interact people and you will get you free likes.

Fake ID 
Create an account with a girl's name. Well this sounds wrong but it is very helpful. You will receive many requests. Send some too. Normally girls have large friends list on FB especially fake ones. Now invite all your list to like your page. Some of them will like surely.

Website Addon
If you have a website or a blog than put your Page Plugin in your site. You will get this feature under Facebook developers tab.

When to Post?
Don't post often. This will reduce your post reach. Try to post with a gap of 3-4 hours or more unless you have an Entertainment or Fun page.

What to Post?
Post relevant things. Images interact people and get higher post reach with respect to other ones. See from where your audience belongs in your insights. Post things which people like in your fan base and at the end remember "Quality matters not Quantity".
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