We live in a world full of limitations.Some of them may irritate you .One of which we are going to get rid off is banned websites in your country.You often want to browse freely but sometimes while browsing when you open a website it shows you a message that 'It is not accessible in your region' or something else.Often you ignore it and move on to browse some other stuff.But what if the content you want is available only on that website.Well you will get angry on your service provider but you can simply dodge them by using proxies.

Proxy is simply a method in which you change your IP address for browsing or surfing in case you didn't know what it is.

Free Proxy with just One Click-Zenamte & Hola

Proxies work like magic but if you are using websites as proxy then you will see ads while browsing.In one time proxy you have to click on button to start surfing freely.For this you have to install plugins in your browser.Two best plugins for one click proxy are:
We will discuss installation and using method of both of them briefly here.


Zenmate is the best free proxy service you can have.You just have to implement following simple steps.

1.Goto your browser market and search for Zenmate or search for it on Google.

2.Just click on install in browser market or open link from Google and Click on "Start Free Premium Trial".

3.Enter your details and sign up.

4.Click on download after this installation will be done automatically.

5.Restart your browser and click on Zenmate icon and start vpn.

6.Choose country from options you want to surf from.

7.By default it is U.S but you can choose from four different countries(Only four are available in free version but thats more than enough for you).

Enjoy the blocked sites.


If the abouve plugin is not working then Hola is the best alternative. Hola plugin is almost as same as Zenmate.

1. Goto your browser market,find Hola and download it.


1. Goto Google and search for it.Open their website and click start.Choose your plan as 'Free'.

2. If you use latter option you will be able to download a file just install it in your computer and run but if you choose former then you don't have to do other things.

3. Now Hola  installer will install it's plugin in all browsers you have on your PC.

Downloading from store allows you  to use it on the same browser you used to download it(compatibility issue) but downloading from site will install this plugin in all browsers.

4. Open the site you want to surf click on Hola icon and just select country(By default it is U.S).
Now just enjoy the Ride.


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