Makkah which is also transliterated as Mecca is a city in Hejaz.It is the capital of Makkah province located in Saudi Arabia.Its total resident population is about 2 million which was calculated in 2012.

This city is one of the most important city for muslims as it is the birthplace of their beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad(P.B.U.H) and also the site of first revelation of Quran.Makkah is the holiest city in Islam and home to Kaaba a place where millions of muslims go for Hajj every year.Hajj is obligatory for able muslims once in a life.However,one can do it as many times as he can.

Makkah:The City that never Sleeps
Today this place is seeing many changes i.e expansion in it's size and infrastructure because at the time of Hajj millions of muslims from all around the world came here to bow before Allah and to offer prayers.

This is one the most crowded place of this world.Since,managing this gigantic crowd is not possible because everyone wishes to go there they have applied some restrictions.Many people say that New York is the most busiest city in this world well they havn't seen Makkah yet.

Government is doing its best to allow as many people as they can. Whether it is night or day it is always crowded.The only place in this world which is broadcasted on T.V and Internet without displaying any sort of ads. After a deep analysis on these facts one can not deny that Makkah is a city that never sleeps with only muslims because non-muslims are not allowed in this city.
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